The Stuff of Dreams Ann Elliot

At one point the audience leaps on the stage and tear Iago and Toto into pieces

Full Stop — New Line Simonetta Lux

the use of cold means like photograph, and hot ones, the use of one’s own body

Retrospectively Digesting Hannah Nussbaum

Female artist as chameleon, aping the formalist and expert craft of the male visionary

Present...Passing Jean Fisher

face to face with the muzzle of a mugger's gun, I am suddenly out of time, enfolded in a world where everything moves in slow motion

Richard Wentworth in conversation

Gravity is a real problem

Passages & Incidents Jean Fisher

And it is in such moments of changed perception that we realise the degree to which our world is burdened by the concreteness of objects and rules

The Other Place Stella Santacatterina

Man leapt into language all of a sudden, he was suddenly born into the word from the depths of animal mutism

Entr'acte Emily LaBarge

I wonder if she is bored; or maybe she feels uncomfortable that Orlando is only able to demonstrate his dedication to her by murdering people

Finnegan’s Teeth Stella Santacatterina

a symposium to which many participants have been invited: architecture, stones, clouds, sky, shadows of men, cars, buses